Hi I’m artist Purple Faye (my name is Faye and I like purple, in case you were wondering why I’m called Purple Faye) I make my 3D acrylic paintings using cardboard, modroc and acrylic paints in my studio in West Yorkshire, England.


Each one of my 3D acrylic paintings is made from scratch by me starting with getting the right piece of cardboard to use then freehand drawing out the design onto it, usually using photographs for reference, I then cut out the cardboard design and sculpt it to make a 3D image which is then covered with the modroc (bandages with plaster of Paris in). Once the modroc is dry I then use acrylic paints to paint it.

I make each of my 3D acrylic paintings to be tactile, sculptural and unique.

I was first introduced to using cardboard and modroc to make 3D pictures in high school (at Brayton High School 1995-2000) as part of my GCSE art. I went on to study Graphic Design and Fine Art Printmaking at Selby College (2000-2003) and a Foundation degree in Art and Design before going to Leeds Metropolitan University to get my BA(hons) Degree in Art and Design (2003-2006).

I returned to making 3D pictures a couple of years after getting my dregree and have been developing the technique that I now use ever since.

Commission me to make you a 3D acrylic painting by clicking here

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