Commission a 3D acrylic painting

Order details to include:

  • What it is (eg, dog name etc)
  • Canvas size (eg. 12″x16″)
  • Background colour preference (if none leave blank or put artist choice)

If you need to include photographs for artist Purple Faye to work from to make your 3D acrylic painting commission (which you will need to do for most commissions, especially if it’s something specific like a pet portrait for example)

Please email these to including the order details too.

What will happen next

Once artist Purple Faye has recieved your order she will then email you back to confirm the details are correct and request the photographs needed (if you haven’t already sent them).

You will then be sent an invoice to pay the deposit required before work commences.

* Payment can be made securely and easily by Credit/Debit card/Paypal *

Once the work is completed artist Purple Faye will contact you to let you know and the final invoice will be sent

The artwork will be delivered to you once the final payment has been made.

If you would like to collect the artwork directly from artist Purple Faye this can be arranged and the final payment can be made in person when it is collected if you’d prefer to do that.


* No work is sent/can be collected until it has been completely paid for *