“Monarch Tree” multiple of 12 Acrylic on canvas, built up with cardboard and modroc

“Monarch Tree” multiple of 12 Top Middle 1/12 5″x7″ (127x178mm)
2nd Top Middle 2/12 6″x6″ (150x150mm)
3rd Middle 3/12 8″x10″ (203x254mm)
4th Middle Bottom 4/12 12″x16″ (300x400mm)
Top Left 5/12 8″x10″ (203x254mm)
Bottom Left 6/12 8″x20″ (203x508mm)
Top Right 7/12 5″x7″ (127x178mm)
Middle Right 8/12 8″x20″ (203x508mm)
Bottom Right 9/12 12″x16″ (300x400mm)
Top Far Right 10/12 6″x6″ (150x150mm)
Middle Far Right 11/12 8″x10″ (203x254mm)
Far Far Right 12/12 8″x10″ (203x254mm)

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