Price List

Canvas Sizes next to A4 Paper

Price List

Xtra Large = 20″x 24″ (500mmx600mm) = £300

Large = 16″x 20″ (406mmx508mm) =£180

Medium = 12″x 16″ (305mmx406mm)  =£150

or 12″x12″ (305mmx305mm)

= £150

Small/Medium = 8″x 10″ (203mmx254mm) = £75 or 8″x 8″ (203x203mm) = £75

Small =  5″x 7″ (127mmx178mm) = £55 or 6″x 6″ (150mmx150mm) = £55

XS= 3″x 3″ (70mmx70mm) = £35

* 3D Acrylic Paintings take time to make due to the process and techniques used, so please keep this in mind *


To order your own custom made 3D Acrylic painting by Purple Faye:


(I hope you don’t mind taking the time to email me, I find it’s more personal than having an automated system that just takes your money and that’s it.)

Include the following information:

  • What you’d like a painting of (include pictures if something specific)
  • Canvas size
  • Background colour preference
  • Any other preferences or details

What Happens Next:

  • You will be contacted by Purple Faye to double check what you’ve asked for.
  • You will be sent an invoice to pay a deposit confirming your order

* Payment can be made securely and easily by Credit/Debit card/Paypal *

* A deposit is required before work commences *

  • Once a deposit has been paid work can commence (if you’d like to be sent work in progress photos then please request this)
  • You will be contacted by Purple Faye once the work is complete
  • Final payment will be arranged
  • The artwork will be packaged up safely and sent on its way to reach you ASAP, or you can collect it from me

* No work is sent/can be collected until it has been completely paid for *



 Customer Feedback

The picture I received is everything I wanted and more! Amazing pictures and lovely lady 🙂 x” Lauran Peacock

“Amazing work. Would 100% recommend. They look so realistic.” Becky Jakeman

“The portrait of our dog I commissioned as a Christmas present was great. It captures his facial expression brilliantly. Portrait now has pride of place on the wall. Will definitely commission more work in the future.” Claire Rennison

“Totally hooked on these pictures bought 2 for presents and they are amazing and my son n daughter in law and my friend absolutely adore the ones I had done of their dogs. Highly recommend and very lovely young lady too first class service and excellent artist very impressed” Fiona Marchant

 Who do you know who would like a 3D Acrylic Painting by Purple Faye?



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