Price List

This photograph shows all the canvas sizes that I use laid on top of each other, next to a piece of A4 paper, to give you a better ides of what the sizes are.

I mainly use rectangle shaped canvases, especially for the larger pieces, but I do have some square sizes available too.

The larger sizes work better for detailed images whereas the smaller ones suit simpler more cartoony work.  Canvas Sizes next to A4 Paper

Price List

Largest Rectangle = Xtra Large

£300 =  20″x 24″ (500mmx600mm)

2nd Largest Rectangle =Large

£180 = 16″x 20″ (406mmx508mm)

3rd Largest Rectangle/Largest Square = Medium

£150 = 12″x 16″ (305mmx406mm) rectangle

£150 = 12″x12″ (305mmx305mm) square

3rd Smallest Square/2nd Smallest Rectangle = Small/Medium

£75 = 8″x 10″ (203mmx254mm)

£75 = 8″x 8″ (203x203mm)

2nd Smallest Square/Smallest Rectangle/Small 

£55 = 5″x 7″ (127mmx178mm)

£55 = 6″x 6″ (150mmx150mm)

Smallest Square/XS

£35 = 3″x 3″ (70mmx70mm)



Commission a 3D acrylic painting




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